In 2009, our beloved New Jersey Metropolis home became a reality with the opening of its new facilities in Westfield, New Jersey. Just as the doors to this new spiritual home have been opened to us, the faithful, we too are beseeched to open the doors of our hearts to the needs of the Metropolis. Just as a home represents hospitality, comfort, security and fellowship, our Metropolis home provides us with the intrinsic spiritual fulfillment as can only be found in full communion with Christ and His Church.


Your Church asks you to respond to this call for Fellowship in Christ by enlisting your name in the Fellowship 1000 endowment. By joining Fellowship 1000, you will be committing $5,000 a year for 10 years, for a total contribution of $50,000. Participation in this endowment fund will empower our Holy Metropolis to meet the needs of the generations of faithful for years to come.


Please come forward in "awe of God, with faith and love", with generosity as befits an Orthodox Christian. Offer your love and support toward Fellowship 1000 with this detailed PDF.