HC/HC Seminarians

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Metropolis of New Jersey

Students attending

Hellenic College

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology


Holy Cross Chapel



Hellenic College Seminarians


Nicholas Birbilis (St. Thomas, Cherry Hill, NJ) Class of '15

Dimitrios Konstantinou (Sts. Constantine and Helen, Newport News, VA) Class of '17

Konstantine Loukas (St. Nicholas, Baltimore, MD) Class of '18



Hellenic College non-Seminarians


Peter Tarasidis (Sts. Constantine and Helen, Richmond, VA) Class of '15

Konstantine Katsoulis (Nativity of the Theotokos, Fredericksburg, VA) Class of '18



Holy Cross Seminarians

Demetrios Panteloukas (Holy Trinity, Egg Harobr, NJ) Class of '16

Nicholas Junes (Sts. Constantine and Helen, Richmond, VA) Class of '17

George Mastakas (Holy Transfiguration, Charlottesville, VA) Class of '18



Holy Cross Non-Seminarians


Michael Mercado (St. Demetrios, N. Wildwood, NJ) Class of '16